National Gallery of Australia

Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now showcases art made by women. Drawn from the National Gallery’s collection and loans from across Australia, it is one of the most comprehensive presentations of art by women assembled in this country to date.

Told in two parts, this exhibition tells a new story of Australian art. Looking at moments in which women created new forms of art and cultural commentary such as feminism, Know My Name highlights creative and intellectual relationships between artists across time.

Know My Name is not a complete account; instead, the exhibition proposes alternative histories, challenging stereotypes and highlighting the stories and achievements of all women artists.

Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now is part of a series of ongoing gender equity initiatives by the Gallery to increase the representation of all women in its artistic program, collection development and organisational structures.

Know My Name x Bonnie and Neil

With Bonnie as our female design lead we were invited to celebrate Australian women artists by designing a product that was inspired by an artist in the Know My Name exhibition.  Bonnie took her inspiration from the colourful work of Margaret Worth and created a cushion, table runner, napkins and a tote bag featuring bold colours and painterly shapes.